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Tony L Corbell
Muskogee, OK

Between Light And Shadow

Tony Corbell

Course Number: 10

Level: Advanced

This years’ Corbell Class will be designed for photographers that are ready for the next step. Working pros that already know the four light patterns, broad vs. short. This is NOT a beginning lighting class. This class is for pros who know there is more, who are willing to try something new, who are ready to stretch, who are not afraid of being stuck in a box any longer. This class will require you to know shutter speeds, apertures, ISO’s camera functions, like the back of your hand. You will be given real-world assignments each day along with deadlines.

Each “Daily Deadline” will have a $$$ value attached to it. We will NOT give you perfect models in beautiful studios setups with great lighting. We will however, expect great photographs. We will examine the work of the world’s top photographers as we discuss mixed lighting, using numerous unique lighting tools for primary and secondary sources and work to replicate those results. We will learn to think like a photographer. And in case you are wondering, this will NOT be an easy class. You will be challenged. Sound interesting? Come on along…

Since his early photographic Texas days in 1979, Tony has found himself featured, included and/or mentioned in over 30 photographic books as well as himself being an author of numerous publications and videos. He is included among the world’s finest photographers on,, and has garnered lifetime achievement awards, international teaching awards, and has taught over 700 workshops, webinars, and seminars in more than 30 countries. His love for photography is only matched by his love for everything Beatles. This will be Tony’s 20th year teaching Texas School and his 32nd year attending.

  • * How think on your feet in ANY given photographic lighting situation
  • * How to work fast and efficient in order to accomplish the job and thrill the client
  • * How to find satisfaction for a job not only well-done, but exceptionally well-done