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Thom Rouse
DeKalb, IL

Fine Art Techniques in Photoshop

Thom Rouse

Course Number: 30

Level: Intermediate

Use your passion for fine art as leverage for your business, marketing and bottom line. This intensive workshop will concentrate on techniques and approaches for your personal fine art that can also be utilized to bring a one of a kind look to your client images. You’ll be working with your own images and applying a range of post production techniques – step by step and layer by layer. You’ll leave with a full set of your own layered images as a reference for applying the techniques to other images, and a knowledge of how to incorporate personal fine art as a meaningful part of your business.

In addition, we’ll explore our personal creative processes to grab inspiration, push our creativity, and overcome creative blocks. We’ll discuss how pre-visualization and discovery are two sides of the same creative coin and how we can use both in image creation. And we’ll talk about enhancing our visual knowledge; we have to know what a good image looks like to make one.

Thom Rouse began his career as a portrait and wedding photographer in 1994. Based near Chicago, he now divides his time between commercial, fine art and commissioned fine art images with his clients as the central subject of his pieces. His conceptual fine art images utilize real world photographs blended and manipulated to create an alternative to real world perception.

Thom holds the PPA Master of Photography degree, the Award of Excellence, the Master of Electronic Imaging degree, and the Photographic Craftsman degree and is a Fellow in the American Society of Photographers. He has 58 PPA loan Collection images and has won the ASP Gold Medallion twice. Thom’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Class Highlights:
* Photoshop techniques for fine art
* How creating art for art sake will benefit your business, marketing and bottom line.
* Creativity is a learned skill available to all of us (not just a few lucky souls )

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