Doug Box & Randy Kerr
M.Photog. Cr., CPP,

Nature, Macro, Floral, Animal, Landscape, Street and Travel Photography

Doug Box & Randy Kerr

Course Number: 4

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Through discussion and hands on learning, we promise you a whirlwind of imagery and education from around the world. With Nature being the wide scope of study, we will include Macro, Floral, Animal, Landscape, Street and on location travel portraits. Content from these programs will assure to cover camera strategies that you can apply regardless where your photographic interests may take you.


Packed with photographic explorations, The World Photographic Workbook, will be included as a class handout, used during class explorations. Great places of interest will be the Dallas Arboretum, Heard Natural Science Museum, Fair Park, and the Dallas Zoo. We will photograph Architectural Landscape and Street photography in Downtown Dallas. Plus Dallas Trinity Trails to do a Dallas night skyline photo and some painting with light. We will work on composition, using exposure to tell your story, picking the best f-stop, shutter speed and ISO, selecting the best lens for each situation, and how to plan your shoot. We will help you improve your photography with hands on lessons and personal critiques.


During scheduled discussions, Randy will bring in his insight on global travel with a program entitled “Enter the Village” that covers location scouting and connecting with local culture.


Before you sign up for this class, visit my website, dougbox.com for complete information on the class. It will cover more of what will be involved and a more current list of locations, logistics, etc.


This will be a very popular class, so register early. I promise this will be an amazing class with lots of shooting time, getting up early and having tons of fun.



Doug has taught and photographed in all 50 states in the U.S. plus Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Wales, England, China, Ireland, Denmark and more. He is the co-founder with Randy Kerr of the Texas Photo Festival and World Photographic.org. He teaches at the Texas Photographic Workshops held at the Texas Museum of Photography in Caldwell, TX. He is the author of six books on photography, published by Amherst Publishing.


Randy Kerr is the great grandson of traveling portraitist Cyrus Kerr of the 1890’s While living primitively for 20 years in the Bastrop forest in Texas, Randy authored the 2007 Global Telly Awarded Westway Method of Photography and The Compass Code of Light. In 2013, Randy is one of the top ten global photographers promoting ecotourism with the World Travel Market Expo in London as. At 55, Kerr aids others in interfacing with light and shadows while they journal about illumination, reflectivity and tonality found in our natural world.


Doug Box
Caldwell, Texas

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