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Sandra Pearce
Okeechobee, Florida

The Art of Photoshop Painting

Sandra Pearce

Course Number: 29

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The difference between traditional art and digital art are vast and varied. There is one common link, the knowledge and skill needed to create true art, regardless of the medium. Not only does Sandra Pearce have a working knowledge of traditional and computer based art, she has experience teaching form as well. She feels photographers already feel comfortable with the tools used in Photoshop. This enables them to concentrate on the techniques of painting rather than learning a new program.

We all want our business to grow and prosper. Sandra will explain how to turn your photography into beautiful art pieces. Sandra’s degrees and some awards – Master of Electronic Imaging, Master Photographer, Craftsman, PPA Grand Imaging Award 1st Place in Art Category 2 years.

Sandra Pearce, who in just five years earned degrees as Craftsman, Master Artist and Master of Photography is prepared to teach you how to Paint in Photoshop. Her many years teaching both traditional art and digital art will help you stretch your creative eye to make exciting digital paintings come to life as you learn to take full advantage of all Photoshop has to offer.

You will learn color, balance, lighting and creativity. It is not necessary to buy any other program when you already have the program to paint like the pros. You will incorporate the techniques of painting into beautiful art pieces. She will demonstrate the technique she uses to paint and blend backgrounds for portraits using the mixer brushes. You will learn to use all the brushes Sandra uses.

Not only can you paint, but her technique can make retouching more realistic and faster. She will take an image and teach beginning to end how to make an heirloom art piece. People think Corel Painter is the only alternative for painting. Sandra would like to make them aware they already have the program (Photoshop) and do not have to spend extra money. The learning curve is less, since you are already comfortable with Photoshop.

Class Highlights:
* Learning how to save images you thought were gone and painting them
* How the mixer brush works to create backgrounds and for painting
* The different modes and tools to use for painting in PS

The Chicken Dance

The Stain Glass Bird

The Swiss Guard

The Visitor

Family Tradition Follow the Leader Tender Momen FOR PERSOANL USE ONLY

Photo Bomb

Watermelon Bandits