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Jeff Gump, Cr.Photog.
St. Augustine, Florida

Volume- Sports and Event Photography

Jeff Gump

Course Number: 19

Level: All Levels

Whether you’re already photographing sports team & Individuals or not, you will be advance 5 years after spending a week with Jeff.

Topic we will discuss in depth:
• Marketing to the leagues and schools
• How to conduct a board meeting
• Printing onsite at events (Photograph the Texas School’s party live)
• Posing options
• Live onsite- setting up a photo day that will blow your leagues away
• Introduce you to “WOW” products that will separate you from the soccer Mom’s
• Dance Studio marketing
• And everything in between….

Students will learn.
* Youth Sports- (kids 13 yrs. old and under) you will learn the in’s and out’s
* You will be presented with marketing materials to help you win leagues
* High School Sports- How to win over the Coaches and Booster Club

Jeff is a 25 years veteran in the Volume sports business. He specializes in business marketing. He has spent the past 10 years mentoring 100’s of aspiring photographers and is an open book. He is a member of PPA, where he sits on the Speaker Advisory Sub-committee Board. Jeff has had the honor of sharing his experiences at Texas School 2016, Imaging USA, SYNC, SPAC, SYNC SPORTS, WPPI, and many other organizations throughout North America.

Jeff received his Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.), one of the highest recognitions for speaking, writing, or mentoring on photography; positions the photographer as an authority in the industry. Awarded in recognition of service to the profession as an orator, author, or mentor.


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