Gary Box
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

After 29 years in business, Gary Box (M. Cr. CPP) is still at the top of his game. Gary operates Box Portrait Gallery near Tulsa, OK. Gary’s studio has transitioned from a higher volume studio to a lower volume, higher end studio in recent years. Box is limiting to 100 seniors this year and targets a $2500 average order. Gary has been called one of the most consistent great shooters out there, but he takes the business end very seriously as well.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Lighting rules and when to break them, including balancing natural light with off camera flash for a natural look.
  • Sound pricing and sales approach that leads to higher sales.
  • Efficiency in your workflow and more consistency in your images.

Seniors INSIDE the Box

Gary Box
Course Number: 4
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Gary’s program covers all three aspects of professional photography: photography, business and workflow. Expect to review core fundamentals and rules of photography. But he will also show when and how to break those rules. Learn how to use studio lighting, natural light with reflectors and mixing natural light with off camera flash for a natural look. See how to coach your subject into refining their pose to flatter each person. These all result in more consistent work that requires less overshooting.

Learn the Box approach to marketing, pricing and sales, along with some business foundation to make sure you are profiting the way you should be. Gary will also show how to speed your workflow and consistency and get you spending less time in front of the computer and more time in front of your family and your clients.