How much is the tuition for Texas School?
Tuition for Texas School is $695 which includes all evening meals.  Discounted tuition is $595 for TPPA members.  To join TPPA, visit our TPPA Member Services website.

How many instructors can I sign up for?
You are with one instructor for the entire week.  When you register, you will list your top three class choices.  Many classes are in high demand and are filled one a “first come, first served” basis.  Literally, we sometimes have 75 people register for a class in the first few seconds after registration opens.  We do our absolute best to put you in your first choice, but in some cases, you will be placed in your 2nd or 3rd choice.

When will I find out what class I got into?
Confirmation letters are usually sent out within a week or two of registration.

Can I switch classes once I’m registered?
You may switch classes before Texas School starts provided the other class has room. Once Texas School starts, you may NOT switch classes.

What equipment do I need to bring to class?
Your instructor will contact you about 8 weeks before class with a list of specific equipment you need to bring. Some classes require just a notepad, while others require a full computer setup and camera gear.

Can my spouse/significant other come to class or evening events with me?
He or she may attend the evening events with the purchase of a meal ticket. They cannot attend your class without registering as a student as well.

What all is included in tuition?
Your tuition covers the entire week of top-notch education, evening events including food and drinks (beer, wine, soda, etc.), several Texas School t-shirts, class and school-wide commemorative photos, special deals on equipment, plus an experience that will last a lifetime!

What is the cancellation policy?
Any class cancellations must be made in writing and addressed to:

TSPP Director, Don Dickson
1501 W. 5th St.
Plainview, TX  79072

Please observe the following:
January 3rd – January 21 – Full Refund
January 22nd – March 21st – $100 Penalty
March 22nd – April 1st – $200 Penalty
After April 1st – No Refund

Where can I find out information about finding a roommate?
If you are looking for a roommate to share expenses, please visit our Facebook page.

Do I have to stay at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel?
The Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel is the host hotel.  Staying at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel is your BEST option for Texas School because a vast majority of the classes and events are held there. We also have negotiated a very attractive room rate of $126 per night which includes free parking and internet in hotel and meeting rooms.  Staying at the host hotel helps us keep the low tuition cost of attending Texas School.

Why are some classes held “off campus”?
We have used every square inch of available space at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel, so a few classes have to be held at other locations. They are not far from the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel and many people either walk or carpool to their classes.

Are there shuttles from other hotels to the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel?
No. It is recommended that you stay at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel where there is free parking and free internet in hotel and meeting rooms.

Do I have to attend the evening events?
You do not have to attend the evening events, but you will miss out on a LOT if you stay in your hotel room the whole time! Come on down and enjoy getting to know your classmates and everyone else! Experienced Texas School attendees know that learning and networking isn’t just in the classroom!  Plus, the evening events are incredibly fun and relaxing! And don’t forget, they are also FREE!!

Where can I get more information about what happens during the week?
There is a schedule posted on the website at .