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Don MacGregor
Vancouver, BC

Environmental Portraiture

Don MacGregor
Course Number: 24
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Listen to Don MacGrgor’s interview on “The Photo Tellers”.

This class will be an intense focus on designing, lighting, shooting and selling environmental portraits. Each day will be split between lectures / demos and practical shooting by all.

We will explore natural light controls and then move to reflectors and electronic flash. We will tackle the hard sunny day conditions as well as “sweet” light. We will embrace a detailed study of posing and composition (with an emphasis on family groups which are the considered by many to be the most lucrative portrait product).

During the week we will analyze the what, why and how that is needed to elevate your sales average so it is embraced as personalized and professional art and compensated properly. Our week will define the steps during the consultation, the session and before the projection appointment to build purchasing desire.

Using post production techniques and projection software, we will follow the steps to create “master images” that make closing sales a simple process.

* Light control (natural, reflector and flash outside of the studio environment)
*Composition and posing for individuals and groups
*Sales “process” that creates higher averages

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