Alison Carlino
Sugar Land, Texas

Alison photographs weddings, portraits, and commercial assignments and teaches lighting off camera and modern posing around the world.

As a former master degreed elementary teacher, Alison is able to relate to students both technically and personally. Alison is in her 15th year of business. She is a member of and teaches for PPA, PPGH, TPPA, SWPP London, and WPPI. Alison achieved her CPP in early 2016 after only a year with PPA and finished her Craftsman degree in Feb 2017.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Students will use speed lights & strobes off camera with the addition of modifiers such as soft boxes, grids, and gels. Students will learn the exposure values, power levels, and positions of light needed to achieve various looks. High speed sync will be taught. Students will learn how to diagnose the existing light in various indoor/outdoor locations.
  • Students will learn to pose women, men, & couples in modern styles.
  • Students will add water, fire, fog, & colored gels to achieve dramatic images.

Off Camera Flash & Modern Posing—Basics to Creative

Alison Carlino
Course Number: 5
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Alison is known for her off camera flash techniques! If you are timid to turn on a flash, this class will meet you at your skill level and advance you to the point of incorporating OCF into every session.

The basics will be taught first—types of gear, how to operate it, where to place it, what power levels are needed, what high speed sync can do, and what kinds of shadows & lighting patterns various modifiers can create. You will use Phottix speed lights & strobes along with MagMod gels & modifiers to control the light.

Learn how to expose for the sky and add flash that balances the ambient light. If you have your own OCF gear and need a review of the basics plus a surge of inspiration, this is your class.

Learn to make any location work in your favor by diagnosing the quality, quantity, color, & direction of the light first and then decide how to modify it to create your final vision.

Modern posing will be taught for females, males, & couples as we use interiors/exteriors of buildings and lighting from morning to night to challenge us.

To step your game up even further, learn how fog, water, gels, and fire add drama to your images! Learn to spin fire! If you are ready to move away from the safety of ambient light only, join Alison’s class!