Texas School Dates:
April 23rd - April 28th

InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center
15201 Dallas Parkway, Dallas Tx. 75001
Registration opens January 3 at 11PM CST.

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All Aboard! Join host, Don Dickson for the 2016 Texas School Cruise. Learn more!

Hear Don Dickson’s interview about Texas School on The Photo Tellers radio show hosted by Bill Ramsey.  The conversation shines the light on one of the largest (and most fun) educational opportunities for the serious Photographer. Hear the inside story from Don, Executive Director for 19 years and counting.

Marvin Blue
2015 was my first time attending Texas School of Photography and to be honest i am a little upset with myself that I waited this long to attend.  It truly exceeded my expectations. I left Texas school and closed out 2015 booking the most weddings I could have ever booked in that short time and in the process I rediscovered my passion that had slowly faded away.  The community I found from my classmates to the friends I made has been so enriching.  Texas School has helped me go on the path to become the best version of myself and in the process made me one hell of a better photographer.  I am truly grateful and blessed for everything that Texas School has been for me and plan on attending every year.

Angela Navarette
I have been to TS the past two years and it has been the most wonderful, life changing experience for me! Not only do you learn from the BEST teachers, you learn so much from fellow classmates as well. The entire week left me feeling inspired, invigorated and motivated! I leave the school so happy that it takes me two weeks to come back to earth to let all the information soak into my head. I just can’t wait until 11pm on sign up day to press enter for my next class! Everything is taken care of for the students. Meals, awesome entertainment, social hours, and fantastic trade show put on by all the great vendors. Texas School is really more like a big family reunion. I love it so much and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend. I’ve learned so much that it’s given me the confidence to say “I am a photographer”! That alone is priceless.

Nicki Evans Simpson
After 3 years of trying to make it to TS, I finally had the chance to attend in 2013. It’s hard to put into words how amazing the school was for me without sounding cliche’. Ever since taking Steve Kozak’s class, I’ve been in love with photography! Not only did I get educated on the technical side of photography, but I’ve been incredibly inspired and just can’t get enough of photography!

Judy Dumas
I have attended for 24 years, perfect attendance. That pretty much tells you how I value the education offered…..and there are still instructors that I need to study with!

Brad Barton
Texas School is an amazing experience! Not only do you have a week long intensive with one of the top educators in the industry, but you spend the week surrounded by 1,000 like-minded people. You feel off each other’s creative energy and come out of the week educated and energized. (And exhausted, but in a good way!)
The evening events are legendary for their fun but more than that, it’s a chance to network with other instructors and students that are not in your class. I can honestly say I’ve picked up things at these parties and social hours that I’ve applied to my business as well.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t sleep…but you’ll be a better photographer on the other side!

Speaker Lineup
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Welliver & Daniels, Instructors

Mitch Daniels & Billy Welliver

Billy Welliver, MEI., Cr.
Mitch Daniels, Cr. Photog.

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Steve Winslow & Sophie Lane
"How to Succeed in Weddings"Level:  Intermediate
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Steve & Sophie Winslow

Steve Winslow, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

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Jim Schmelzer, Instructor

Jim Schmelzer


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Laurie Klein & Kyle KleinPerler
"Taking Your Photography to the Next Level"Level:  Intermediate to Advanced
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Laurie Klein & Kyle Klein Perler
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David Edmonson
"Learning From the Old Masters"Level:  Intermediate to Advanced
Course Closed
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David Edmonson
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John Wilson, Instructor

John Wilson

M.Photog., Cr.

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