Texas School Dates:
April 27th, - May 2nd, 2014
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InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center
15201 Dallas Parkway, Dallas Tx. 75001
Must be 21 years or older to attend Texas School

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What is the Texas School “Experience”?  Click here to find out>>

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Don DicksonJulianne Kost is coming to Texas School!!!
One of Professional Photography’s most talented and entertaining personalities is coming to Texas School, Saturday April 26th at the Intercontinental hotel. Only $47 for two classes!! Photoshop AND Lightroom.  Program info>> 

StephStephanie Ludlow
The Texas School of Professional Photography is looking for volunteers  and for paid models to be photographed by professional photographers the week of April 28th, – May 2nd, 2014. Learn More

Chanda Holter
Texas School is a phenomenal experience! I learned so much. The hands on classes with the most respected photographers in the business is invaluable. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help. To top it off, it is quiet possibly the most fun I ever had! You will meet some of the most amazing people in the business. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner! I am a not only thrilled with the education and experience, my customers are thrilled to. You can’t afford not to go!

 Robin Jansen
Texas School is based on education. You will get more education from  Texas School than any where else in the world. The size of the classes are perfect for every experience level so there is always time to ask a question.   Texas School not only provides some of the best instructors, but they are accompanied by Wrangers (teacher assistants) that have a great understanding of that is being taught as well.
Your education doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. Many classes form packs where students and instructors stick together day and night which continues the education process. It’s during this experience where bonds will be created that will last a lifetime. I’ve stayed in touch with many of my fellow students and all of my instructors since attending TS and they have always made themselves available if I have a question or a problem.
I cannot express to anyone the importance of experiencing TS just one time as I’m confident you’ll walk away hooked and will look forward to getting back as soon as you can.

Anna Garza
I was excited about TS from the first day I heard about it…1 and a half years prior to my first experience…so you can well imagine my anxiety on registration day.
From the first moment after pressing ‘enter’ on registration day, I felt the excitement escalate. Reading the Facebook page, learning I’d gotten into the class I wanted and Steve Kozak calling me personally made it all the better.  I already knew people that were in my class by the time I arrived and was able to spot a few during registration, even though we’d never met in person!
Steve’s class was GREAT!
I made some lifelong friends. The parties were awesome and the food was yummy. We laughed, cried, shared meals (and drinks) and learned sooo much!
The best thing was the aire of positiveness as people talked about the art of photography.  We received so many freebies that it made up for the cost of the school.
I’ve decided this will be a yearly experience for me, so now….the waiting begins. AGAIN!

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